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Relativity, Inc. offers two solutions for the management of intake / detention facilities. Our Booking (Light) module is available for agencies with intake facilities while our Jail Management system provides extensive management tools for long-term detention facilities.

Booking & Jail Management System

The RPS Jail Management module provides the luxury of managing the entire detention center facility, right from your computer. From the moment an inmate is booked into your facility until the time of release, all inmate information and activity is available at your fingertips.

Our quick and efficient booking center integrates with other RPS modules, pulling individual or incident information that is already in the system, allowing for the fastest booking possible.

Inmate Management
The RPS Jail Management system was designed to be a "smart" Jail Management system. What that means for you is that the entire system reflects actions entered from a certain area. For example, if an inmate is checked out for a doctor's visit, then this will reflect when pulling a current inmate roster. One entry takes care of the entire process. Jail Incidents, Visitations, Mail Logs, and Medical Information are tracked so that any information prevalent to an inmate is located within the inmate's personal file.

Commissary Tracking
Our Jail Management system also provides a simple way to track commissary inventory and orders. Commissary reports not only provide a way to view orders and processing, but are also "audit friendly" which means that you can let RPS take care of the accounting activity as well.

Our Jail Management system helps reduce the time it takes to generate your facility holding bills. With just a few clicks of a button, the system compiles the information that is already in the system to generate your invoices, providing both summary and detailed invoicing.


RPS-Offense / Incident & Investigative Solutions

RPS - Offense / Incident (RPS-OI): Our NIBRS compliant incident reporting program offers an easy to way to enter information taken by officers out in the field. The easy to use interface, along with the powerful NIBRS validation allows officers to enter reports with ease and confidence that the necessary information has been obtained. Powerful search engines provide officers the capabilities to search on numerous combinations of information and intuitive reporting features allow for valuable statistic and trend setting information to be extracted from the system.

RPS - Case Management System: This program provides an organized method of assigning new cases to detectives or field officers. The system intuitively pulls new incidents entered into the system and alerts users of new cases assigned to them upon log on into the system. Supervisors can view assignments and case statuses from their control screen, offering an overall view of assigned cases.

RPS - Evidence Tracking System: The Evidence Tracking program eliminates much of the hassle associated with collecting and managing evidentiary items. By utilizing barcode scanner technology, field officers are able to enter evidence items and leave them for the evidence officers already marked for internal transfer. This provides evidence officers a fully detailed evidentiary trail. The powerful reconciliation tool makes evidence room auditing effortless. By utilizing the barcode technology, the time needed to perform reconciliation tasks can be reduced from days to hours. Additionally, the Evidence Tracking program offers powerful search and reporting capabilities, allowing evidence personnel to quickly locate evidence inventory and view the history of each evidence item.

RPS - Ticket / Citation System: The Ticket / Citation program offers a simple way to enter traffic tickets, field issued citations, and warnings into the RPS system. Officers are able to search for individuals by social security number, driver's license number, VIN number, and plate identification upon entry, allowing for quick ticket entry. The Ticket / Citation program integrates with all other RPS components and provides extensive search and reporting capabilities.

RPS - Warrant Management System: The Warrant Management program allows for warrant information to be entered into the RPS system. It additionally allows for warrant service to tracked and reported. Supervisors can access powerful reports that detail service effectiveness. One of the most powerful features of the Warrant Management program is the warrant notification. Since the Warrant Management program is fully integrated into the RPS system, users are notified if an individual in the system has a warrant, regardless of the area of the program that is being accessed. (Example: If a ticket is being entered for an individual that has a warrant in the system, it will notify the user during the ticket entry.) Agencies can print professional looking warrants from the system.

RPS - Sex Offender Registration System: Relativity, Inc. believes in protecting our communities by actively monitoring those convicting of committing sexual deviant acts. That is why we designed our Sex Offender Registration System. This system allows agencies to enter and track extensive information about individuals that must register as a sex offender in the community. Officers can track registration renewals and are alerted when an individual in the system is past due for a renewal. Additionally, officers can print notification flyers for community notification of a new offender in the area.

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